What is NoneX?


NoneX technology is based on a non-detonating chemical compound. The chemical is enclosed in a cartridge that reacts very quickly when triggered, producing an elevated volume of non-noxious gas, primarily composed of nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

When the NoneX cartridge is hermetically closed in a hole, the gas creates pressure on the sides of the hole and produces a breakage of the rock or cement. Such breakage is often called breakaway.


The NoneX cartridge uses a patented technology that increases the transfer of energy to the inside of the rock or cement to enhance the effectiveness of the breakage.


Nonex cartridges are classified as 1.4s and are safe to transport by air or road, greatly reducing transport cost and issues.


Waterproof NoneX Cartridges. The NoneX cartridges are waterproof and can be used in humid holes or in situations such as working in dams, giving effective breakage while minimising time and cost factors. The Nonex cartridge range is an integated cartridge and does not require auxilliry cartridges to increase it capabilities.

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