Rock Breaking Solutions Australia is a leading supplier of Non-detonating cartridges and rock breaking systems.

Our company provides a complete range of NoneX cartridges for various applications in Underground and Surface mining.

Vast resources are used in development and production blasting in Open Cut and Underground mining using high explosives. By using the NoneX Safety Cartridge we can concentrate on precision blasting in various applications such as:


Slyping, Floor, Wall and Back Stripping

Crusher Blockages

Secondary Break

Mass Breaking

Mines Rescue


All this can safely be done during normal operating hours without the need to clear underground mines or large surface exclusion zones using high explosives.

As NoneX is a NON-Detonating safety cartridge with a Classification of 1.4S, goods can be transported via air or road with out the need of costly dangerous goods managing agents.

Our specialized service included onsite training of personnel, contracting, consultion and project design with implementation of new procedures.