FRAGMENTOR - Self-Stemming


The FRAGMENTOR's internal components are activated at low pressure, to expand the external concentric seal that plugs the hole to contain the high pressure.

The external seal contains concentric protrusions for sealing the pressure in the hole and to retain the Cartridge in position during the high heaving stage.

The monocoque Cartridge case is an anti-tamper design, there are no caps or plugs that can be removed. This prevents the internal components from breaching the Cartridge or hole. 

The Cartridge case incorporates a retaining device for holding at the desired installation position at all inclinations.

The leading end is reduced in diameter for ease of installation, especially in distant applications when using an extension pole. The head of the Cartridge contains coupling features that interface with the pole Adaptor.

The blast wires are routed to the periphery at the head of the Cartridge to prevent damage during installation.

The high heaving effect produced by the FRAGMENTOR Cartridge guarantees performance, reduce the weight of propellant required for a specific job and increase the burden, thus reducing the cost of fragmenting rock.


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The worlds latest and most advanced non-detonating rock breaking cartridge available
1,4S classification