There is complexity and a vast variety of operations in the Civil and Construction area and Rock Breaking Solutions Australia has entered the Australian market with the return of the NoneX Safety cartidges.

Used not only for rock breaking but also a variety of other applications including Shaft Sinking, Pier/footing excavation, Trenching for pipelines and non detonating blasting in sensitive areas.

Our emphasis is on safety not only to individuals but also to the environment. Rock Breaking Solutions Australia offers a new generation of rock breaking options that is competitive in price, a quality product and a much safer alternative to using high explosives in built up and site sensitive areas.

Rock Breaking Solutions Australia have established ongoing relationships with clients and look forward in assisting your company in your next Civil Construction project.


Your project, Our Solutions!


Mass Breaking

Shaft Sinking

Concrete Demolition



Rock Breaking Solutions are happy to provide Blast Management Plans, Explosive Management Plans, Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Plans and SDS as per all of your site requirements. Please contact us for more information


Civil Construction